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As the weather starts to cool and those beach days are behind us, it is the perfect time to start electrolysis for permanent hair removal. It is an ideal time to start on body areas such as underams, bikini line/ brazillian, legs, back and chest.


You can end the hassle of waxing every few weeks, or shaving every day.

If you’ve had many laser sessions and are now on “maintenance”, electrolysis is the perfect way to get rid of those last few hairs forever.


With a good head start to your electrolysis sessions in Autumn, you can achieve 3 full clearances before summer hits us again. That will leave you with lovely, smooth skin next summer.

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Ingrown hairs often result in uneven and bumpy, irritated and red skin, and even pimples and infections. They can be problematic and very frustrating as they are often seemingly impossible to resolve.

So you’ve done your research and you’ve decided electrolysis is the right choice for you. Now you’ve found a mountain of internet information to delve through and discovered everyone has their own opinion on which machine, and which method, is “best”.

Yes, unfortunately, sometimes laser hair reduction treatments can increase hair growth. We are seeing more and more cases as the months and years go by since laser hair removal machines came on the market.

With scientists and medical professionals in the field of laser hair reduction still puzzling over the reason for this phenomenon, it might be a good idea to proceed with caution if you wish to try laser on certain areas.